4-Chip Disposable

Four Counts per Slide

Easy and precise counting of cells for half the price

The 4-Chip is a new-style disposable plastic hemocytometer, that improves upon our popular C-Chip design by now providing twice as many counting chambers per chip. This doubling of tests is provided at almost the same price as the 2-chamber version, effectively cutting your lab’s cost by nearly half. The 4-Chip offers the ability to eliminate tedious washing and reduce exposure to infectious samples and contamination. With a conventional glass hemocytometer, improper fitting of the chamber and coverslip changes the volume of the sample introduced into the chamber. The 4-Chip’s all-in-one “chamber with an integrated cover” solves the problem. The 4-Chip contains four precision engineered 100 µm height counting chambers that do not need coverslips. Each chamber has micro-etched Neubauer Improved grid. Simply pipette 6µl of sample into one of the four chambers, place on the microscope and you are ready to count . Then dispose once finished. It's that simple.


Use General, mammal, erythrocyte, & leukocyte cell counting
Dimensions 25 x 75 x 2 mm
Part Numbers DHC-N420, DHC-N408, DHC-N404
Chamber Depth 100 µm
Chamber Volume 6 µL
Chambers Per Chip 4
Grid Neubauer Improved
Lot Tested and Certified Yes

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