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FAQ - LifePro™ Thermal Cycler



How do I program a temperature step to hold for an infinite amount of time?   A1 " --:-- " must be entered to hold indefinitely. This can be accomplished by using the +/- key and pressing it 4 times.
Will an infinite hold be used in calcluate the time remaining in a protocol?   A2 No
Can the tempertature of the heated lid be changed?   A3 Yes. You can program the heated lid to a temperature of 30°-110°C

While a protocol is running is running, is it possible to view the status in graphical format?

  A4 Yes. Press the key directly under the "8" key to toggle between graphical and list format of the status screen
Is there a temperature at which the heated lid will turn off automatically?   A5 Yes. At 10°C and below.