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Transfection System

In Vivo, In Ovo, In Utero and Ex Vivo transfections

Perfect Square Wave Pulses

The act of delivering DNA or RNA into living tissue by electrical pulsing has been a standard lab practice for over two decades. Typically specialized electrodes are used to target the exact region where delivery is desired. Protocols and pulsing parameters can vary greatly, but what is agreed upon is that square-wave electrical pulses provide better and more consistent results. THE CUY21 EDIT is designed to deliver up to 99 square wave pulses that can be set between 1V and 500V. Most in vivo experiments require applying under 100V pulses to help preserve tissue integrity. For some electroporators it can be challenging to hold such low voltages accurately and with a perfect squared form. This is not the case of the CUY21 EDIT, and the primary reason this system has been used in over 500 published research articles.




Available Electrodes

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Knowing electrical impedance is imperative

The electrical conditions for in vivo experiments will vary from day-to-day and sample-to-sample. Impedance (a measure of electrical resistance) is the single most critical parameter to maintain in these types of experiments! The easiest way to standardize this parameter, and thus maintain consistent results, is to fine-tune the Impedance to exact range you desire. The CUY21 EDIT allows you to measure Impedance BEFORE you proceed with the pulsing. This affords you the opportunity to adjust the set-up (typically distance between electrodes, buffer composition or buffer volume) to be in the range required for success. The system will also provide actual electrical output (V, A and Ohms) after each pulsing step, so you can ensure there are no issues.


Safety first

In vivo experiments use a huge variety of electrodes, and what is consistent about these wires, paddles and needles is that they have the potential to deliver a nasty shock to an unwary grad student or research assistant. The CUY21 EDIT is equipped with an integrated safety limit that will immediately shutdown the flow of electricity if excess current is drawn.


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DC pulse waveform square
Voltage 1-500V (1V increments)
Pulse Length 0.1-999.9 ms
Pulse Interval 0.1-999.9 ms
Number of pulses 1-99
Impedance Measurement Yes
Power Requirements 115V or 220V, 50/60Hz
Size 390(W) x 450(D) x 250(H) mm
Weight 15.4 kg
Warranty 2 Year


CUY 21 EDIT Transfection System


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