Gel Drying Protocol


1) Ensure that the gel has been stained with Acqua Stain for at least 1 hour.
Although protein bands will be visible after a few minutes of incubation in stain,
the staining process is completely stable after 1h of incubation. Depending
on the type of gel you are using longer incubation may be necessary. Further
processing of the gel prior to completion of the staining process may result in
protein destaining and reduced sensitivity. If this occurs simply restain the gel
by incubating overnight in Acquastain

2) Submerse the gel in approximately 100 ml ultrapure water at ~70°C (heat for
30s to 60s in a microwave oven). Incubate for at least 1 hour while gently
rocking. Optionally adsorbent paper or paper towel can be added. Gels can be
incubated overnight in water.

3) Incubate the gel in a ‘gel drying solution’ (e.g. 4% glycerol, 20% ethanol in
water) for 2 minutes. Incubation of any Coomassie-stained gel in an alcohol
solution will eventually result in destaining of the bands so avoid incubation for
longer than 5 minutes.

4) The gel is now ready for drying between wetted cellophane membranes.