Auto Cell Counter

Accurate Counting of Mammalian Cells

As accurate as FACS counting

Are you looking for an automated cell counter at the pinnacle of accuracy? Many labs have turned to the ADAM MC as a solution that yields highly repeatable results, as with a flow cytometer, but at a fraction of the cost. Its technology is simple; it combines a precision microscope with an integrated fluorescence detection optical system and onboard analysis software. With disposable chip-based kits that use propidium iodide to stain the nucleus of target cells, the ADAM never worries about cell size, shape, or aggregation. Instead it uses fluorescence to specifically image the stained nuclei, and averages 22 separate reads for each sample totaling a 3 µl read volume. These improvements specifically address variation attributable to low sample reads (some competitor models only perform one read), low sampling volumes (most models read 1 µl or less), and inaccurate resolution of cells (often found when cells clump together). With R2 values over 0.99, the ADAM MC can directly replace manual cell counting using the propidium iodide technique. The results are amazing, and it’s possible to get CVs under 10% with most cell lines. The ADAM MC can work with a dizzying range of suspension cell types, as only nuclei are needed for detection, and it uses a very clever “detergent wash” technique to provide precise cell viability values. But don’t take our word for it—we invite you to request a demo and find out for yourself.

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Even an undergrad can use it

Did we mention that the ADAM MC is designed to be incredibly easy to use? Its disposable chip set minimizes the risk of contamination, greatly simplifies work flow, and eliminates the need for calibration and regular cleaning. Its on-board analysis obviates an external computer and allows quick operation. Finally, the ADAM MC is small enough to comfortably sit on any bench top—even an undergrad’s.


Light Source Green LED (532nm)
Objective Lens 4x
Camera CCD
Dynamic Range 5 x 104 - 4 x 106 cells/ml
Analysis Time 45s - 1.5 min/test
Sample Volume 12 µl /test
Measuring Volume 3 µl/test
Tests Per Chip 400 - Cell viability
800 - Total cell count
Cell Type Suspension cells
Cell Size Any size
Part Numbers DBA01, DBA01K, ADR-1000
Detection Method Stained cell nucleus
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
9 kg
220 x 375 x 250 mm
Warranty 1 year parts and labor