Signature Coffee Mug

Just for Scientists...shhhhh

Good research deserves a good mug

At Bulldog Bio, we believe that coffee (or insert your favorite caffeinated drink here) fuels science. And as such, we have created the first in a long-lived (hopefully) series of coffee mugs to clearly lay out the secret to winning the publication battle and unlimited funding for your research. Any questions?


Good Science Gets It Wrong. The scientific method does indeed matter! Paramount to this philosophy is the notion that every theory and hypothesis should and will be tested. Those that are proven wrong are discarded. Only with such an unselfish approach to science will the scientific community, and society as a whole come closer to the universal truths of Nature.

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Coffee Mug - Rear

Size 10 oz
Inside Color Red
Outside color Black
Front "Good Science Gets It Wrong!"
Rear Bulldog Bio logo
Irresistible Yes

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