Electrophoresis Products



Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis Systems


Mini-Run Gel Electrophoresis System
Mupid One Gel Electrophoresis System

DNA Stains


Prepackaged, fast dissolving, easy-use agarose tablets with Midori Green Adavance and TBE added
Midori Green DNA Stain
Midori Green DNA Stain

Electrophoresis Accessory Products


Acqua Stain Protein Gel Stain
Fastgene Agarose Gel Band Cutters
Fastgene Agarose Gel Tablets
Bioer DNA Markers
MEGAquick-spin™ PCR & Agarose Gel DNA Extraction
Midori Green Advance Agarose Gel Tablets
Prestained Protein Ladders

Gel Imaging


Fastgene Blue LED Illuminator
FastGene GelPic LED Box