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Protective Tray

No Contamination. No Infections.

Protect your valuable cells

Tissue and cell culture are indispensable tools for modern biology. Nevertheless, many cell biologists have had the frustrating experience of dealing with microbial infection or even cross-contamination with other cell lines. This problem can become a disaster when difficult-to-obtain primary or stem cells are affected. Cell culture vessels—whether flask or plate or dish—are unknowingly exposed to pathogens in three primary locations: (i) cell culture hood, (ii) cell incubator, and (iii) during transit from one to the other. It is critical to maintain a sterile environment and pristine cell culture technique, but even perfect protocols don’t prevent others in your lab from accidently contaminating your cells. Once a culture container is infected, it can cause the infection to spread to other cell culture vessels throughout the incubator, with the potential to cause massive issues for all of the scientific research in your lab!


With the FastGene Cell Culture Protective Tray, contamination is now a problem of an earlier generation. These simple-to-use chambers provide a sterile and protective environment for your culture plates, dishes, and flasks while in the incubator, under the cell culture hood, or in between. Stop the spread of infection today!


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Cell Culture Tray w/ 24-well plates

Cell Culture Tray w/flasks

Cell Culture Tray w/petri dish


Each FastGene Cell Culture Protective Tray can fit numerous plates, dishes, and flasks—making them ideal for labs with multiple users



Cell Culture Tray in incubator Cell Culture Tray in incubator


Simple to transfer from incubator to cell hood and back again. A normal culture incubator can fit a dozen or more FastGene Cell Culture Protective Trays


These trays provide an extra protective shield within the incubator, guaranteeing that intra-incubator infections are not transferred to other cell cultureware. The replaceable filter (with a pore size of <0.4 µm) provides a protective cocoon that is permeable to air and moisture to maintain the environment of cultured cells while hindering the passage of pathogens, e.g., bacteria or spores. Additionally, these trays are autoclavable for easy cleanup and the assurance of sterile conditions.


Part Numbers FGCC01, FGCC01F
Yes (tray, cover, and gasket)
Number of filters
Recommended filter change

~ Every 3 weeks

Pore Size

<0.4 µm


40 cm x 14 cm x 9 cm (L x W x H)


Petri dishes, flasks (such as T25), plates (such as 6-, 12-, 24- well plates), slides, ext.

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