FastGene Blue/Green LED Flashlight

See DNA in Anything

The “new” indispensable lab tool

Visualize fluorescent green markers in gels, colonies, samples, animals and more with the new FastGene Blue/Green LED Flashlight. It is equipped with the same Blue/Green LED technology used in the FastGene Blue/Green Transilluminator and GelPic Imaging systems. Common uses might be detecting RNA or DNA in a gel, Sybr Green in a PCR tube, GFP in a transformed bacterial colony, or GFP in a transfected plant or animal.


This novel Blue/Green Flashlight has all the benefits you would expect from using LED light such as being harmless to your skin and to your DNA samples, but provides signal intensity previously only seen with research quality, UV transilluminators. The Blue/Green LED Flashlight also has an attached amber shield so that you can easily view and then snap images with a cell phone! Whether you need to visualize your DNA in a gel or are confirming GFP presence post transfection, this convenient, but powerful, illuminator will become an invaluable tool for the lab!


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Detect GFP and RFP Transfections

It is possible to detect GFP and RFP expression without the use of harmful UV light or expensive imaging systems. The LED light from the Fastgene Blue/Green LED Flashlight is able to deeply penetrate tissues. Even internally expressed GFP is no problem to view or image (see below for an example of live animal imaging with mouse pups).

GFP Detection with FastGene Blue/Green LED Flashlight


Part Numbers FG-11
Wavelength 480-530 nm

Amber filter (~520nm), 7 x 16cm

Stand Included

CE Certified Yes
Power 110-220 VAC, 24V, 1A

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