GeneCellin HTC DNA Transfection Reagent

For Hard-to-Transfect Cells

Just what your primary cells need

GeneCellin HTC is a polymer-based transfection reagent formulated with multiple DNA-carrier types. This unique mixture is optimized for your hardest to transfect cells and often gives results previously unachievable. The serum independent transfection protocol balances transfection efficiency and cytotoxicity making it the most efficacious to use on primary cells and even stem cells. Equally effective with suspension and adherent cells, the simple one-tube, 30 minute protocol is ideal for standard transfections, co-transfections and stable transfections. See these experimental results from primary and stem cells, and read the comments below from some of our GeneCellin HTC customers. But don’t take our word for it, please contact us to receive a free sample.


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GeneCellin DNA Transfection  Reagent
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Transfect in serum

The presence of serum and antibiotics in the cell culture medium does not interfere with GeneCellin transfection efficiencies. Cells can be maintained in their regular culture medium during the transfection.


Customers love it

"I was working with cells that were difficult to transfect. I tested the transfection efficiency of GeneCellin HTC in comparison to a range of other transfection reagents ... I achieved a relatively high transfection efficiency of cells that were previously difficult to transfect. I have re-ordered this product on several occasions, the reagent has arrived promptly and gave consistently reproducible results." Belfast, Ireland


“I am working with the GeneCellin HTC reagent since several months. The aim of my work is to transfect cells with a plasmid … to silence the activity of a specific miRNA. I recommend this reagent since until now, all my transfections in Human Keratinocytes was successful with almost no damage on my cells’ viability.“ UNIL, Lausanne– Switzerland


Part Numbers HTC0100 , HTC0750, HTC3750
Chemistry Type Polymer-based
Delivered Molecules DNA only
Cell Type Cell culture, in vitro
Cell Morphology Suspension and adherent
Amount per Transfection 1 µl to 3 µl (24-well plate)
Amount of Input DNA 0.5 µg to 1.5 µg (24-well plate)
Storage 1 year at 4°C

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