MacBead Sterilized

Glass Plating Beads

Spread Cells on Agar Plates the Easy Way

No need to sterilize

MacBead provides an efficient and easy method to achieve optimal spreading on agar plates. MacBead are pre-sterilized glass beads that arrive ready-to-use without the need for any preparation steps such as sterilization. Also, MacBead helps you to spread cells uniformly and efficiently, even covering places that traditional spreaders cannot access. Moreover, it is possible to spread cells simultaneously on multiple agar plates and reduce the cell stress and loss. In some cases, they can even increase the efficiency of transformation.


IncuCount 150 Automated  Colony Counter

GFP-Trap & RFP-Trap Affinity  Reagents

Midori Green Nucleic Acid  Staining Solution
FastGene LED Gel  Documentation System

MEGAquick-spin Total  Fragment DNA Purification Kit


Bacterial Plating with MacBead






DH5α competent cells transformed with 100pg of

pUC18 and plated on Amp+, X-gal, IPTG plates.



Part Numbers
Plating bacteria and yeast on agar plates
Recommended Use Per Plate
4-5 beads
Room Temperature

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