Maxime HiFi PCR PreMix Kit

Freeze-dried Master Mix for High Fidelity PCR

When sequence integrity is required

For routine PCR, where simple detection of an amplification product or estimation of the product's size is important, standard Taq-derived DNA polymerase is the best choice. However, when the amplified product is to be cloned, expressed or used in mutagenesis studies, DNA polymerase which do not readily incorporate nucleotide changes during synthesis is a better choice for PCR. Pfu DNA Polymerase exhibits one of the lowest error rates of any naturally occurring thermostable polymeras. Maxime HiFi PCR PreMix Kit is based upon the Pfu DNA Polymerase. This version of Pfu is purified from an E.coli strain carrying a plasmid with the cloned gene encoding Pyrococcus furiosus DNA polymerase. The enzyme exhibits 3' to 5‘

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proofreading activity which increases fidelity of the enzyme by >10-fold as compared with taq. It has no detectable 5' to 3' exonuclease activity. You can amplify target sequences in excess of 5 kb. Maxime HiFi PCR all-in-one premix has been tested against the original enzyme and the enzyme in a liquid premix to show that no loss of activity or specificity is observed when using the patented freeze-dried technology. Each sealed 0.2 ml PCR tube contains all the components needed for gel-based analysis of your sample - just add template and primers. The loading buffer is also in the premix reaction, so electrophoresis is as simple as load-and-go. The mix utilizes a modified Pfu which compares favorably with high fidelity PCR products from other name brand sources. Its simplicity is a hallmark of good SOP for most studies, reducing the chances of adding human error into any cloning experiment.


Freeze-dried is not just for peas

Storage and ease of use are two often overlooked factors when working with reagents for molecular biology.  When all other things are equal, it's nice to know that your reagents can be just as effective on day 360 as on day 1.  And better yet, kits designed for minimum pipeting is just a smarter approach.  iNtRON has applied an elegant solution to these challenges.  A proprietary freeze-dried technique utilized in most of their molecular biology kits stabilizes the entire master mix at the bottom of 0.2 ml PCR tubes.  Then each strip of tubes is individually vacuum sealed to guarantee that no water infiltration can spoil the master mix over time.  Simply add sample (and/or primers) and your experiments are off to the races.   Eliminating preparation of master mixes and other components frees up time and reduces errors.  Whether it's PCR kits, diagnostic kits, or other enzyme kits, iNtRON products have incredibly long shelf lives for even the most finicky enzymes. We want you to be confident every time you purchase a PCR premix from us!



Part Numbers
Format Lyophilized & vacuum-packed in 8-Strip 0.2ml tubes
Contents i-Pfu DNA polymerase, dNTPs, reaction buffer, gel loading buffer/dye
Volume 20 µl reactions
Protocol 1 Step - add Template and Primers
Storage >1 year at -20°C (avoid frequent freeze-thaws)

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