MicroScale Disposable Slide

Sizing cells has never been easier

If you can see them, you can size them

A simple approach to sizing your cells and other microscopic samples. Simply aliquot a small sample onto this inexpensive gridded-slide. The laser etched scale lines are equivalent to top-quality glass slides, but at a fraction the cost. Each slide has 3 different scales for quick reference of a multitude of sizes – from 100 micron or 50 micron grid lines all the way down to 10 micron grid lines. These slides take the guess work, and extrapolations, out of sizing microscopic samples.




4-Chip Disposable  Hemocytometer
Automated Cell Counters
Fluorescent Live Cell Imaging  Systems
Bambanker Cell Freezing  Media



Microscale Slide Data


Part Numbers DMS0010
Material polystyrene
Dimensions 25 x 75 x 2 mm
Sizing 5mm/50, 5mm/100, 1mm/100
Package Individually sealed

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