NEPA Porator Electroporator

Ohm Checkable for Consistent Results

Simple functionality without sparking

Electroporation is a process by which one or more electrical pulses are delivered to a biological sample. These pulses result in the temporary disruption of the cell membrane, and under some conditions the cell wall. The "porated" cells are then able to quickly take up DNA, RNA, or proteins in the surrounding buffer. The NEPA Porator is designed to deliver one or two DC exponential decay waves with constant voltage. What makes the NEPA Porator special is its ability to first check the resistance of the sample via a trickle charge. This quick check ensures your samples’ buffering conditions are in the right range, so you know (by applying Ohm's Law) that the correct level of energy will be applied each and every time. Often, for bacterial electroporation, trace amounts of salts drive down the resistance and result in the scary popping noise often referred to as sparking or arcing. The NEPA Porator helps eliminate this annoying problem, while promising exceptional reproducibility.


Electroporation  Cuvettes

ELEPO21 In Vitro High  Voltage Electroporator

NEPA21 Transfection System

Bambanker Cell Freezing  Media


For E. coli, bacterial cells, yeasts, fungi, and mammalian cells

The NEPA Porator’s unique ability to pre-measure the electric impedance of samples before pulsing makes it suitable for a wide range of species. It has the capability to pulse from 100V all the way up to 3,000V. The lower range (100V to 300V) is perfect for the efficient transfection of many common lines of cultured cells.  The higher range (1000V+) is ideal for organisms with a cell wall, such as bacteria, yeast, and other fungi.



ELEPO21 Results With E Coli  ELEPO21 Results With Yeast


Voltage 100 - 500 V (5 V resolution)
500 - 3,000 V (100 V resolution)
Compatible Electrodes CU500 Electroporation Cuvette Chamber (not included)
Pulse length 0 setting or 1.0-5.0 ms (0.5 ms resolution)
Number of pulses 1 or 2
Voltage 100 - 3,000 V (1 V resolution)
Pulse Time 0 - 5.0 ms
Impedance readout 1 - 9,999 Ω (1 Ω resolution) 10,000 - 50,000 Ω (10 Ω resolution)
Programs Save up to 99
Power Requirements AC 100-120V
Size 335 (W) x 205 (D) x 85 (H) mm
Weight 3.2 kg
Warranty 2 years

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12358-345 50
Pkg of 50 individually wrapped (1mm) electroporation cuvettes
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12358-346 50
Pkg of 50 individually wrapped (2mm) electroporation cuvettes
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12358-347 50
Pkg of 50 individually wrapped (4mm) electroporation cuvettes
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Cuvette electrode adaptor for suspension cells
Clear stand that holds up to 20 cuvettes upright, numbered slots