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Promising and Delivering Quality Products and Service

For Customers:
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Promising and Delivering Quality Products and Service

No waiting to be transferred
Bulldog Bio, Inc. is a full-service provider of products to the North American (USA and Canada) Life Science marketplace. Our model is to allow a single point of contact to provide everything you need to order and use our products successfully. You will find each of our staff can do it all – from providing product prices and quotes, to entering orders and tracking shipments, all the way to answering detailed technical questions and offering suggestions for your experiments. So stop being shuffled and start being satisfied!

And now, for something completely different
We specialize in bringing you hard-to-find, unique, and economical product lines that can enhance your lab bench experience. Many of our product lines come from small companies not equipped to sell and support their products directly in the US. Others are major product lines popular in other industries (such as health care) or on other continents, that haven’t yet made their way into the US research community. We hope you like what you see on our web site.

We promise satisfaction
All of our products are 100% guaranteed to meet the manufacturer’s specifications and performance expectations. We want to know if any of our products fail to meet this quality standard. Please contact us with the details and we will resolve the issue. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

For Vendors:
Easy, Economical and Effective

Your Solution for the US Life Science Market

A partner for young companies
Bulldog Bio Inc. is a hybrid organization combining the best qualities of a selling subsidiary and a full-service distributor. Our wholly unique approach to marketing, selling and supporting product lines make us an ideal partner for young companies trying to establish a presence within the complex and competitive US market. We specialize in building a long-term, sustainable business regardless of the technical complexity of the product line.

A brand-centric vision
Since the mid-1990s, the founders of Bulldog Bio Inc. have worked with and managed small Life Science companies to establish themselves in the US market . We understand the challenges to growing a business in the US, and we also understand the expectations of new product lines and start-up companies. Our market-tested model works by placing an emphasis on building the foundation of a strong brand.

Simple menu of options
We offer a wide variety of services that are organized into a simple tiered structure. At a minimum, Bulldog Bio can function as a full-service distributor. Additionally, we can run a well-coordinated marketing campaign. At our highest level, we are also able to manage your US subsidiary by proxy. You choose what best fits your needs, and Bulldog will do the rest.

The key to success
We see the key to building a successful business in the US starts with the basics: great marketing, effective management of sales, and outstanding after-sales support of the customers. Our team and infrastructure are built to maximize performance in each of these areas. We invite you to contact us to discuss how Bulldog can help your company establish itself in the US Life Science market.

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