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Bulldog Bio Offers Tiny 3-D Imager for Live Cell Cytometry Analysis

Phase Holographic Imaging AB (based in Sweden) has awarded Bulldog Bio Inc. the exclusive right to distribute their new compact microscope for image cytometry. Based upon patented phase holographic imaging technology, controlled by PHI AB, these systems can detect and quantify cells during normal cell growth in common cell cultureware. Bulldog Bio will be responsible for all aspects of selling and supporting this product in research labs throughout the USA and Canada.

“The M4 Phase Holographic System is significantly different than our other offerings in the field of live cell imaging. This system does not use standard microscopic technology, but instead parses the phase shift from interference patterns to provide reliable numerical data for a full spectrum of quantitative analyses.” Ella Fontaine, V.P. of Communications, continues, “The system can count cells, track cells, organize and analyze different morphological characteristics, study confluency and even perform a one-of-a-kind auto-focusing. The analysis software is part of the system purchase and the M4 is compatible with a huge variety of plates, flasks and slides, allowing many cell types to be imaged.”

The terms of this exclusive distribution contract have not been disclosed.

About Phase Holographic Imaging
Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) AB is a privately held company based in Lund, Sweden. Founded in 2004, it specializes in image cytometry. PHI’s products enable cell biologists to non-invasively image and quantify living cell populations using time-lapse video microscopy. For more information about Phase Holographic Imaging, visit

Bulldog Bio Incorporated is a privately held company headquartered in Portsmouth, NH, that distributes tools to Life Science researchers. Please visit for more information about the company and its products.