Press Releases

Bulldog Bio Provides Novel Adjuvant Enhancer for Improved Vaccinations

BioCellChallenge’s newly developed Opticcine Adjuvant Enhancer improves an immune response against a wide variety of antigens without negative effects. Based upon the well understood mannose activation of the immune system, this highly pure version of Man-DOG (Monomannosyl-dioleyl glycerol) works at incredibly low concentrations. Bulldog Bio has been granted the exclusive right to promote, sell and support this product to researchers and companies throughout North America.

“Current customers throughout Europe have already seen marked improvement in vaccine design using this unique form of Man-DOG. In fact, our first customer has already had a vaccine enter phase 3 clinical trials.” stated Laurent Meunier, CEO of BioCellChallenge.

BioCellChallenge SAS is a privately held biotechnology company, founded in 2009. The company specializes in drug delivery systems and aims to provide exceptional tools to the scientific community.

Bulldog Bio Incorporated is a privately held company headquartered in Portsmouth, NH, that distributes tools to Life Science researchers. Please visit for more information about the company and its products.