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Q1 – When you mix the cell with reagents T and N, how long should you wait before reading?
We recommend that you add the buffer do 2 quick (1 s) vortexes and then read about 30s second later. The values can drift over time (as the detergent breaks down the cells), so we definitely recommend NOT to let the AccuChips sit for over 5 minutes.

Q2 – If a bubble is present in the slide chamber, does it alter the precision of the count?
The system only reads about 3 ul for images and this area is in the center of the channel, so as long as the bubble is not in the field of view on your monitor, then you should be OK. If it is, please feel free to add a couple more microliters, but ensure you are not overflowing the chamber as it might contaminate the inside of the ADAM.

Q3 – What sample concentration range do you recommend for the most consistent results?
We recommend that you keep your cells at 5 x 104 – 1 x 106 for the most consistent data. It is not a good idea to push the limits of the detection range as the counts will then be more variable.

Q4 – How can I check the accuracy of the system?
We do sell a calibration standard (fluorescently labeled beads) that can be purchased and used to test the system accuracy. Please contact us to purchase this.