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Q1 – I do not see a 570bp sample control with my DNA derived from cultured cells when using the e-Myco PLUS PCR Detection Kit?
The kit does have a control for gDNA derived from mammalian cells. This band will NOT amplify with animal or other cells not containing this conserved sequence. The 570bp band is less efficient to amplify than the other two bands in this kit and usually requires more input DNA to visualize. This can be accomplished by using a more efficient DNA extraction method, or adding more cells.

Q2 – Is it possible to test for mycoplasma after washing the cells and storing the pellet in the freezer for some time?
Yes, you can use frozen samples. If the cells are frozen for a long time (months), then increase the sample amount. We always recommend using a DNA extraction kit when using frozen samples. Please note that you will need at least 5×104 cells per test.