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Q1 – Does any of the FastGene DNA Ladders contain formaldehyde or formamide?

Q2 – Does MWD1P contain some surfactants or SDS?
There are no SDS or surfactants in MWD1P.

Q3 – Does the MWD50 has two 1200 bands, because if I run a 3% gel for 80min at 100V I can see a double band?
The 1200 bp band is composed of 2 same-size bands, with varying GC contents. When you run a gel with high gel concentration for a longer period of time, you will see 1200bp band separate into two bands. So we recommend to run the gel at 2% concentration for 35-40 min.

Q4 – What is the storage temperature of MWD50?
Since the 50bp DNA ladder is a bit more fragile than the MWD100 and MWD1P DNA ladders, it is recommended to be stored at 4°C for the 1-year shelf life or at -20C for maintaining the shelf life for 2 years.