Key Product Lines

A catalog with an advantage

A snapshot of our important brands and product groups.

AcquaStain Protein Dye – One-step Coomassie blue stain substitute

BamBanker Cell Freezing Media – Reagent for simple and effective cryopreservation of all cell types

TaqDog Polymerases and Master Mixes– Hi performance yet economical line of PCR reagents

CleanNGS Beads – Economical PCR and library clean up reagent

ECFG21 Electro-Cell Fusion Generator – the premier way to create hybridomas

Electroporation Cuvettes – Direct from manufacturer prices on high quality cuvettes

2-Chip & 4-Chip Disposable Hemocytometers – single-use, self-enclosed cell counting chambers

eMyco Kits – PCR-based kits for the detection of Mycoplasma in cell culture

FastGene Gel Imaging Systems– Complete line of safe blue/green LED-based gel imaging systems

GeneExplorer Thermal Cyclers – A versatile PCR system with swappable blocks

GFP-Trap Affinity Reagents – Use nanobodies for better purity and higher yields than classic methods

Midori Green Nucleic Acid Staining Solution – A safe replacement for ethidium bromide

NEPA21 Electro-kinetic Transfection System – Versatile electroporator for in vitro and in vivo uses