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Nepa Gene and Bulldog Bio agree to a North American partnership

Nepa Gene CO., LTD., an innovator of electropration devices and Bulldog Bio Inc., a specialty Life Science distributor, have signed an agreement to establish Bulldog Bio as the sole distributor of the new NEPA21 Electro-kinetic Transfection System to laboratories in the US and Canada. Capable of using off-the-shelf electroporation cuvettes, this device can boost efficiency and reduce cytotoxicity for in vitro transfection experiments – and without the need for expensive proprietary buffers. Also, with over 100 electrode options for in vivo, ex vivo, in ovo and in situ applications, transfection of living tissues is possible.

“This patented, one-of-a-kind system has transformed what an electroporator is capable of doing. It creates complex and dynamic electrical fields in a wide variety of matrices, and has opened the vistas for electro-mediated transfection. And though we have had to wait almost 6 months while the infrastructure in Japan recovered from the natural disasters earlier this year, component suppliers are back online and the NEPA21 is now being produced on a predictable schedule.” Ella Fontaine, Vice President of Communications, elaborates “We are quite excited as this technology is already proven and has been used by researchers in Japan for a wide variety of non-in vitro application, from highly localized transfections in brain tissue, to general transfection of embryos, the possibilities are quite vast.”

Nepa Gene CO., LTD. is a private company based in the prefecture of Chiba, Japan, and a producer and supplier of electroporation, electro-cell fusion and sonoporation equipment. With more than 30 years experience, Nepa Gene has become a leader in designing, implementing and supporting high quality instruments for the life science industry.

Bulldog Bio Incorporated is a privately held company headquartered in Portsmouth NH USA, that distributes tools to Life Science researchers located in the USA. Please visit for more information about the company and its products.