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We’re always on the search for novel products and technologies that you might not otherwise find. Our goal is to offer your lab an unexpected boost to experimental design or a better way to answer important questions.

Affinity Purification

Nanobody-Traps deliver near-perfect yields of fusion proteins and transiently bound factors from cell extracts.

Antibody Reagents

Eclectic collection of reagents offers unique ways to use and study antibodies. These products are sure to offer some surprises.

Benchtop Shakers & Incubators

From high speed shaking to static incubators, we have you covered.

Benchtop Tools

Gadgets and gear that make life at your lab bench fun and productive.

Cell Counting

An array of unique products that will reduce your time and effort spent tallying cells.

Cell Culture

Tools and reagents to manipulate and grow cultured cells.

Cell Fusion

Use the power of AC and DC electrical current to fuse cells or nuclei. The gold standard for making hybridomas.

Cellular Analysis

Instruments and reagents focused on the study of live cells.

DNA & RNA Purification

Unique products for efficient isolation, extraction, purification, and imaging of DNA and RNA from all types of cells and tissue types.


Instruments, stains, and accessories for running and analyzing nucleic acid or protein gels.


Electroporation and electro-kinetic transfer systems. Something to electroporate everything.

Gel Imaging

Gel illumination and documentation systems based upon Blue/Green LED technology that's safe for you and safe for your DNA samples. Protein gels too!


Novel reagents for studying glyco-proteins and lipopolysaccharides.

Immuno Imaging

Products for visualizing cellular structures and processes in live cells. Minimal fluorophore displacement for super-resolution microscopy.

Lab Plastic

Consumables for molecular and cell biology.


These PCR machines, PCR tubes & plates, and PCR enzymes make DNA amplification easy and reliable.

Protein Biology

Reagents and instrumentation offering unique and efficient ways to study protein


Versatile and compact microvolume spectrophotometers for DNA, RNA, protein quantification, more.

Thermal Cyclers

Proven Peltier technology delivers reliability and performance to fulfill your everyday PCR and Real-Time PCR (qPCR) needs.


Check out these new reagents and instruments for efficient transfer of nucleic acids into cells and tissues.

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