Cell Culture

Tools and reagents for your cell culture room

This wide range of products can be used to manipulate, protect, store, and grow cultured cells.

Cell Counting

These products that will reduce your time and effort spent counting cells.

Cell Culture Protective Trays

Stop contamination of cultured cells with these "breathable" trays. Protects flasks, dishes, and plates in and out of the cell culture incubator.

Co-Culture Cell Culture Wells

This unique "trans-well style" cultureware is designed to study complex interactions of soluble biomolecules between cells.

Colony Counters

Robust and elegant design makes it easy to count bacterial or fungal colonies grown in petri dishes.

Cryopreservation Reagents

Proprietary formulations allow for faster prep and better recovery of cells stored in a -80°C freezer as compared to liquid nitrogen!

Disposable Hemocytometers

Slide-sized chips compatible with any microscope. More consistent than conventional glass hemo-cytometers. No cleaning, contamination, or cracking!

Mechanical Vibration Instrument

Micro-vibration of pre-implantation embryos can dramatically increase fertilization rates.

Mycoplasma DNA Enrichment

Kit to extract and purify bacterial gDNA from cell culture samples. Ideal for contamination testing.

Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kits

Mycoplasma contamination in cell culture is difficult to control. Use these inexpensive PCR-based kits to confirm your cells are clean.

Mycoplasma Prevention

If Mycoplasma infects your cell culture samples, experiments can be compromised. This bottled solution offers a simple solution!

Single Cell Transfer

Identify, capture, and release any cell. Novel system uses an osmo-electric pump to capture and move cells from one location to another.

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