Gel Illumination Tables

Safe for you and your DNA

Over the years, lab personnel safety has become a primary concern for research universities and companies alike. We offer gel illumination and documentation systems based upon a new LED technology that is safe for you, safe for your DNA samples, and more sensitive for dye detection. These systems come equipped with a unique, advanced Blue/Green illumination. Blue/Green LEDs excite a broad spectrum (instead of just a single wavelength as with blue LEDs) allowing these systems to be much more sensitive with the growing number of non-toxic DNA dye as well as traditional dyes such as ethidium bromide. Take a look below and know that whichever you choose, you’ll get the right combination of price, performance and safety.


Gel Illumination Tables

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Blue/Green LED
Blue LED
UV Bulbs
Detection of Green DNA Dyes

*Lower sensitivity

*Lower sensitivity
Detection of Red DNA Dyes
Imaging Area
260 x 210 mm
100 x 100 mm
3 Different Sizes
260 x 210 mm

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