Gel Imaging Systems

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Over the years, lab personnel safety has become a primary concern for research universities and companies alike. We offer gel illumination and documentation systems based upon a new LED technology that is safe for you, safe for your DNA samples, and more sensitive for dye detection. These systems come equipped with a unique, advanced Blue/Green illumination. Blue/Green LEDs excite a broad spectrum (instead of just a single wavelength as with blue LEDs) allowing these systems to be much more sensitive with the growing number of non-toxic DNA dye as well as traditional dyes such as ethidium bromide. Take a look below and know that whichever you choose, you’ll get the right combination of price, performance and safety.

Gel Documentation Systems

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Safe Blue/Green LEDs
Detection of Green DNA Dyes
Detection of Red DNA Dyes
White Light Imaging (for colorimetric Western Blots, Petri dishes, ext)
High Resolution Camera
User Login and Password Protection
Software Included
Imaging Area
26 x 21 cm 26 x 21 cm 26 x 21 cm 16 x 11.5 cm
Stand-Alone System

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