Lab Plastic & Consumables

For Cell and Molecular Biology

2D Barcode Inserts for Cryo Tubes

2D Barcode inserts that snap-in easily for 1 mL, and 2 mL Cryo Tubes

2D Barcode Inserts for Screw Cap Tubes

2D Barcode inserts that snap-in easily for 0.5 mL, and 2 mL Screw Cap Tubes

Agarose Gel Band Cutters

Simple-to-use plunger-style cutters can excise one or more bands from an agarose gel.

Cell Culture Protective Trays

Stop contamination of cultured cells with these "breathable" trays. Protects flasks, dishes, and plates in and out of the cell culture incubator.

Co-Culture Cell Culture Wells

This unique "trans-well style" cultureware is designed to study complex interactions of soluble biomolecules between cells.

Conical Centrifuge Tubes

50 mL and 15 mL formats with unique, multi-color caps for easy organization.

Cryo Tubes

For long-term storage of living cells and tissues. Lots of options including 2D QR codes.

Disposable Hemocytometers

Slide-sized chips compatible with any microscope. More consistent than conventional glass hemo-cytometers. No cleaning, contamination, or cracking!

Filter Tip Racks

FastGene Filter Tip Racks are reusable refill boxes for FastGene Filter Tips Refill Plates. 2 sizes & 6 colors!

Filter Tip Full Boxes & Refill Plates

The FastGene Paper Filter Tip Refill System offers a major ecological improvement as compared to standard plastic box refills. Compatible with most pipettes.

PCR Tubes, Plates & Accesories

These tubes, plates, holders, and sealers have been qualified to work in all thermal cyclers offered by Bulldog Bio, as well as most brands of qPCR instruments.

Screw Cap Tubes

For storage of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Lots of options including 2D QR codes.

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