4-Chip Disposable Hemocytometer

Four Counts per Slide

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Easy and precise counting of cells for half the price
The 4-Chip is a new style of disposable plastic hemocytometer that improves upon our popular C-Chip design. With twice as many tests at almost the same price as the 2-chamber version, this product effectively cuts your lab’s cost by nearly half. It’s easier to use too! With a conventional glass hemocytometer, improper fit between coverslip and slide can change the volume of the sample in the chamber causing variability in counts.  Moreover, these “unretained” samples may lead to cross-contamination—or far worse, expose researchers to infectious agents. The 4-Chip’s all-in-one chamber with an integrated coverslip solves this problem. The 4-Chip contains four precision-engineered 100 µm height counting chambers that do not need coverslips. Each chamber has a micro-etched Neubauer Improved grid. Simply pipette 6µl of sample into one of the four chambers, place on the microscope, and you’re ready to count. No more tiresome washing, either—just throw it away when you’re finished! It’s that simple.

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Use General, mammal, erythrocyte,  leukocyte, yeast, ext.
Compatibility All microscopes and automated cell imagers/readers that accept standard hemocytometer slides
Dimensions 25 x 75 x 2 mm
Part Numbers DHC-N420, DHC-N408, DHC-N404
Chamber Depth 100 µm
Chamber Volume 6 µL
Chambers Per Chip 4
Grid Neubauer Improved
Lot Tested and Certified Yes
Shelf Life 1-Year