96-well Deep-Well Tip Combs

An inexpensive option for your KingFisher Flex 96

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Extract RNA or DNA from VTM samples
The Bioer 96-well Tip Combs are made specifically for Kingfisher* Flex96 Systems. This 96 array of polypropylene tips are made to cover the 96 Deep-Well Head Magnetic Particle Processor or the MagMAX Express-96 Deep-Well Magnetic Particle Processor. These pin covers (deep-well version) are a drop-in replacement for the more expensive brand name options (e.g. part# A43074). Ask us about our trial pricing program first!

*Kingfisher is a trademark of ThermoFisher Scientific. Bulldog Bio is not affiliated with ThermoFisher Scientific and does not sell KingFisher Flex96 systems.

Part Numbers

BSH07S2T-10, BSH07S2T-100, & BSH07S2T-1000

equivalent to part#A43074

Number of tip combs 96
Style Deep well
Material Polypropylene
System compatibility Kingfisher* Flex96