AccuReady Pipettors

Manually Adjustable – Single Channel

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A sensible choice for any lab budget
Today’s pipettes use the same time-tested technology first developed by Gilson back in 1970s. So why pay the equivalent of a King’s ransom for one of these simple, yet elegant bench tools. We now sell a line of high quality pipettors that have all the same features of the most popular brands. First and foremost, the precision made components and injection molded parts of each AccuReady Pipettor ensures highly repeatable pipetting volumes. Volumes are adjustable from 0.1 ul (Cat# BPP010) all the way to 1000ul (Cat# BPP010). Two-stop action on the plunger allows for controlled over expelling. The pipetors are compatible with all commonly used pipettor tips, and have an integrated tip ejector for clean and quick pipetting. They are also easy to take apart for maintenance and recalibration (with a replaceable gasket) – they even have a replaceable filter to prevent cross contamination and extend the life of the pipettor. And did we mention that you can buy a set of 4 pipettors for under $300?

Visible Volume Adjustment Yes
Ergonomic Yes
Filter Protection Yes
Able to be Calibrated Yes
Able to be Cleaned Yes
Able to be Autoclaved Yes
Universal Tip Compatibility Yes
BPP010 (0.1 – 2.5μl)
Factory Set Accuracy 1µl +/-0.01µl
Repeatability 1µl +/-0.05µl
Range 0.1 – 2.5µl
Increment 0.05µl
BPP020 ( 0.5 – 10μl)
Factory Set Accuracy 5µl +/-0.03µl
Repeatability 5µl +/-0.05µl
Range 0.1 – 2.5µl
Increment 0.1µl
BPP030 (2 – 20μl)
Factory Set Accuracy 10µl +/-0.05µl
Repeatability 10µl +/-0.1µl
Range 2.0 – 20 µl
Increment 0.5µl
BPP050 (10 – 100μl)
Factory Set Accuracy 25µl +/-0.3µl
Repeatability 25µl +/-0.1µl
Range 2.0 – 20 µl
Increment 1.0µl
BPP060 (20 – 200μl)
Factory Set Accuracy 50µl +/-0.4µl
Repeatability 50µl +/-0.1µl
Range 20 – 200µl
Increment 1.0µl
BPP070 (100 – 1000μl)
Factory Set Accuracy 200µl +/-0.7µl
Repeatability 200µl +/-0.4µl
Range 100 – 1,000µl
Increment 5.0µl