AcquaStain Protein Gel Stain

Never Wash or Destain Again

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Like Coomassie Blue only simpler
AcquaStain is a single-step Coomassie Blue protein gel dye. This novel product doesn’t require pre- or post-treatment of the gel. Just run your protein gel, add the stain, and watch your —no destaining required! AcquaStain also contains no harmful chemicals or acids, so it’s much safer than other dyes. It can even be disposed of in the sink after staining! Unlike many other stains, AcquaStain is a water-based product, which means that it causes no observable shrinkage or wrinkling of the gel. Better yet, unlike methanol-based stains, proteins isolated from AcquaStain treated gels are 100% compatible with .


One-step in 10 minutes
Other “fast” gel staining technologies require expensive equipment or trade speed for of the protein bands. AcquaStain doesn’t. And no other “fast” product is as fast, either—the entire staining procedure can be completed in about 10 minutes (for typical protein amounts). Don’t worry, though; it’s impossible to over-saturate with this product, so you can safely incubate overnight with no harmful effects. Only AcquaStain provides a reasonably-priced reagent without the need for an external apparatus while delivering a super-sensitive signal—equivalent to or better than the best Coomassie-based reagents on the market. Protein bands really stand out, too, because the gel background remains crystal clear. AcquaStain is a teal color that’s totally free from precipitate. Shaking before use is not necessary. It’s like nothing you’ve tried before.

Perfect for teaching labs
With the capacity to run and stain protein gels during a typical one hour wet-lab class, this stain is right at home in the teaching lab. Want to make things even easier? Try our inexpensive, easy, and portable gel documentation systems!

What customers are saying
We are very thankful that our customers are willing to share their experiences with AcquaStain. Below are some results and opinions we’ve received over the years.

It works very nicely and it’s great that we don’t have to use methanol based destain … It really is a vast improvement in terms of time and waste.
–Martin, 2019
The Rockefeller University

It works very well. It enabled some mass spectrometry experiments where we needed the sensitivity of silver staining but needed something compatible with mass spec. It was perfect for it.
–Chad, 2017
Ohio State University

Product Comparison

AcquaStain Protein Gel Stain
10 min
Bio-Safe Coomassie Stain
60-120 min
EZBlue Gel Stain
120-360 min
Gelcode Safe Blue Protein Stain
90-360+ min
Simply Blue SafeStain
360-420 min


Additional Information

1) Cut out protein band and place in microfuge tube

2) Add 1 ml 30% ethanol or 30% acetone (30% acetic acid may be used but will result in acetylation of N-terminus).

3) Incubate for 30 minutes.

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all stain removed from protein (typically 2 or 3 washes are required for complete stain removal)

5) Process as typical for mass spec analysis.

AcquaStain will show greater signal even at low concentration of protein (60ng) within 10-15 minutes and down to 10ng (longer incubation). The signal generated by this stain is linear, enabling true quantitation of your sample.

AcquaStain shows a 50 fold greater signal when compared to a leading competitor

Contents 1x 1000 ml bottle of liquid stain
Part Numbers AS001000
Toxicity Non-toxic (water-based)
Detection Limit Down to 10 ng of protein
Protocol Steps 1 step
Protocol Time 2 min stain time (down to 1 µg)

10 min stain time (down to 100 ng)

60 min stain time (down to 10 ng)

Suitable for Gel Drying Yes. See Q11 in FAQ section.
Suitable for Mass Spec Yes. See Q10 in FAQ section.
Reuseable Yes. 2-3 times
Storage 1 year at 4°C