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The original formulation is easy to use – and the most economical way to preserve cells!
Cryopreservation of mammalian cells is extremely valuable and very common in biological research. Fear of losing a cell line to contamination or incubator failure is frequently the impetus for making archival storage of cells a high priority after receiving or generating a new cell line. While there are numerous protocols for freezing cells, all involve the use of a ‘freezing medium’ containing a cryoprotectant. Once transferred from growth media to freezing medium, the cells are usually frozen at a controlled rate and stored in liquid nitrogen vapor or at -130°C in a mechanical deep-freeze. Although freezing a cell line is a commonly-performed procedure, problems arise when suitable freezer space is not available, or when unwanted variables are introduced by the presence of serum, extra washes, or complicated freezing algorithms.

These problems have been resolved by the family of Bambanker Cell Freezing Media reagents. The unique technology of Bambanker permits cryopreservation of cells at -80°C or in liquid nitrogen, obviating the need for an additional and expensive ultra-low freezer and avoiding time consuming and complicated controlled freezing protocols.

No programmed or sequential freezing is required! All Bambanker reagents are free from serum — delivered ready-to-use — and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two years.

Higher number of intact, healthy, and undifferentiated cells after thawing
How much are your cells worth? The family of Bambanker freezing reagents offer the unique combination of simplicity and high survivability. The results can be miraculous. These products have been used extensively across the globe. Developed in Japan, Bambanker reagents have been validated on well over 1,000 different cell lines at the JCRB. You can also see these recent published references as a testament to its successful use in labs. . The vast majority of cell types show survival greater than 50%, with many at 90% or more. Even pose no problem.

Unwanted cell differentiation can also be an issue with long-term storage of frozen cells. . And for particularly troublesome cells, Bambanker DMSO-Free is specially formulated to prevent such issues that can be associated with DMSO-containing cryopreservation reagents. So come join the growing number of labs protecting their cell lines with Bambanker!

Serum adds variation to long-term storage
All Bambanker products are produced with no serum. Cryopreservation media which contain animal-derived whole serum have the disadvantage of fluctuations in recovery rates and undefined composition. Reproducibility of experiments with cells frozen in a serum-containing cryopreservation medium may be affected by lot-to-lot variation of the serum, since the composition and concentration of proteins and other biological molecules varies with each batch. Problems may arise when thawing and using cells stored with such serum-containing freezing reagents. But you’ll be able to breathe easy with Bambanker reagents: every ingredient is precisely defined, including the use of serum albumin proteins, so that you can be confident that Bambanker-preserved cells will all behave and recover similarly.

Additional Information

Cells were incubated as described in the protocols. Cell viability was determined after twelve months

Cell freezing experiment with HSC (8.8 x 10^8 cells), hematopoietic stem cells. The left picture shows the cells before freezing and the right picture shows the cells after freezing and thawing.

JCRB cell bank has carried out cell bank business for 30 years and we currently store 1400 types of cell lines. In 2013, we offered about 4,300 ampules for a fee to domestic and foreign researchers. Due to the high number and the wide variety of cell lines, we had some problems. Thus some users complained that their cell lines of dying after thawing, resulting in unsuccessful cultivation. Especially four types of cell lines were a problem which had to be urgently improved. Therefore, we compared Bambanker with our currently used commercial preservation medium in a cryopreservation test. The cell lines, which were stored with Bambanker, showed much higher cell proliferation than cells, which were stored with our currently used commercially available product. Surprisingly, with Bambanker we got for all four cell lines very reproducible results. In addition, Bambanker has no differences between the lots since it does not contain serum. We are very grateful for that because it strongly simplifies the delivery procedure overseas. In the future, we will completely change to Bambanker in order to improve the survival rate and growth of our cells. We are thankful for resolving that long-standing problem and recommend Bambanker to all domestic researchers and foreign cell banks. This data will be also described at our JCRB website. In the near future we plan to test Bambanker for human tissue-derived and human iPS cell lines.
Dr. Arihiro Ohara, National Institute of Biomedical Laboratories JCRB cell bank, 2017


Since many years we are working with primary cell cultures derived from high-grade brain tumors which are highly susceptible to environmental changes and differing culture conditions. Thus, freezing and thawing is a challenging process for these cells. According to our experiences, we could not avoid to lose 30% to 40% of living cells after each freezing/thawing cycle. In addition, the cells need a recovery time of at least five days after freezing in our previous freezing medium, obtained from other manufacturers. We’ve recently tested the Bambanker medium with striking results: recovery times of only two days of 80% of living and “healthy” cells. We observed this improvement of recovery time and proportion of living cells with all four cell lines, that we’ve tested so far. We are very satisfied with Bambanker and will continue to use it.
Dr. Maria Wiese, University Medical Center Göttingen

Part Numbers BB01, BB02, BB04, BB05
Cyroprotectant 10% DMSO
Ready-to-use Yes
GMP Manufactured Yes
Dilution Required None
Additives Needed None
Controlled-rate Freezing Not required
Serum Free Yes
Enzyme Free Yes
Serum Albumin Yes, derived from bovine
Cell Type Compatibility All, recommended for hybridomas
Cell Storage Temp -80°C or liquid nitrogen
Survival after 12 months 50% to 100% of cells
Storage 2 years at 4°C