Bulldog Bio Automated Colony Counter

Identify, Enumerate, and Analyze Colonies and Plaques

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Turning dots to data has never been easier
Petri dishes serve a host of functions, though most commonly they are used to grow cells on, or in, some type of media. The resulting colonies can be used to give an idea of the starting concentration of a cell stock, or provide clonal replicas of the starting cell. A host of assays have been developed to study how these cells my react to agents. Whether they be for selection, screening or other purposes, getting numerical data can often be useful in one’s research. The IncuCount 150 is an extraordinarily simple-to-use device for counting cell colonies – even as they grow. With selection criteria for size, color, and intensity this easy device is a must for any lab regularly working with cells in petri dishes. Plaque formation – it can do that. Growth inhibition zones – not a problem. You can also “blank” against an empty calibration plate to improve the count accuracy by removing illumination artifacts. Create a library of preset parameters for the different plate types you regularly count. These parameters include minimum and maximum size of colonies, color of colonies, brightness, contrast, intensity gate for counting and even a stored calibration image. Simply choose the setting profile and with a single click you can count one after another plate. The actual count processing time is well under ten seconds and is saved as an easy to read pdf file.

The IncuCount interfaces with a Nexus tablet loaded with super flexible application software. In fact, data can be emailed in real-time for those who need to know that your experiment is proceeding with nary a problem for a good night’s rest. You can rest easy knowing that your lab doesn’t need to dig too deep to afford such a useful device.

Bulldog Bio Automated Colony Counter

Part Numbers RSIC150
Illumination Direct and backlit

High intensity white LED arrays

Minimum Colony Size 0.125 mm
Consumable Type Petri dish up to 100mm, including 3M petri film and 35mm dish
Preset Apertures 90mm and 30mm diameter
Camera 2MP, 960×720 images
Computer 10″ Android tablet included
Data Storage Tablet and/or USB flash drive/data transfer
Compatible with FDA 21 CFR part 11 Yes
Power Requirements

100 -240 VAC, 50-60 HZ 1.5 amps

Weight 1.8 kg
Size 15.9 cm diameter, 18.4 cm tall
Warranty 2 year parts and labor