CASY Cell Counter

The Cell Counter & Analyzer for Cell Research

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Automated counting
The CASY Cell Counting Instrument is a highly accurate, multi-parameter cell counter for cultured and primary cells. With a dynamic detection range from 0.7 to 150 microns, the CASY counter can measure cell numbers and viability (without interference from dyes) of all cell types including algae, bacteria and yeast. This flexible, yet robust system can also measure cell size distribution, cell aggregation and cell debris. Reproducible results are displayed in a single histogram, taking less than one minute per measurement, with no single-use counting chambers or slides necessary.

The following parameters are measured by a CASY Cell Counter:
Cell number – total cell count and live cell count
Cell viability – non-invasive counting as no dyes or stains are used
Cell size distribution – high resolution and large dynamic measuring range
Cell volume – calculation of the average cell diameter
Cell aggregation – measure and calculate cell aggregation factor (automatic correction possible)
Cell debris – quality control of cell culture solutions

Top-shelf technology
The CASY uses Electronic Current Exclusion (ECE) technology. During measurement, each particle, nuclei or cell passing through the defined pore generates an electronic signal. The signal intensity directly correlates with their size and conductivity. Live cells with an intact cell membrane generate a high resistance signal, whereas dying or dead cells display a much lower resistance due to their disrupted membrane. The signal of one cell passing the pore is resolved with a high frequency of 1 MHz (one million data points per second), and hence the area under the curve can be easily calculated. Because live cells, dead cells and debris display different, but well-defined, electrical properties then the particle sizes and their distribution can be recorded and analyzed very precisely.

Cells are kept in a soothing physiological bath, CASYton, an electrolyte developed specifically for cell counting. For the measurement, the cells are aspirated through a precision measuring pore of defined geometry at a constant flow speed. No dyes or expressed markers are needed, making cell counting simple, accurate and repeatable. Even cell clusters are both identifiable and countable. This technological advantage makes no cell solution too complex or challenging for the CASY.

Part Numbers CASY01, CASY045, CASY060, CASY150, CASYCP018, CASTTN010, CASYCL01, CASYCL02, CASYBL01, CASYBL04
Detection Method Electrical resistance measurement in 1 MHz low voltage field using Pulse Area Analysis.
Distinguishable measuring channels: > 512.000.
Cell Size 0.7 μm to 120 μm (depending on the used measuring capillaries)
Measuring Dynamics Ratio of smallest to largest particles that can be analyzed simultaneously: > 1 : 70,000 in terms of volume, > 1 : 40 in terms of diameter.
Analysis Time 10 seconds
Sample Volume 10-100 µl
Measuring Volume 200 µl – 3.6ml
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Weight 19 kg
Size 39 x 31 x 239 cm
Warranty 1 year parts and labor