CleanXtract 96 Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System

Bead-based purification of DNA & RNA

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Automated extraction without liquid handling steps
The CleanXtract 96 is one of a new generation of automated nucleic acid purification systems built around principles of magnetic bead separation.

Automation of procedures in molecular laboratories has numerous benefits: error reduction, faster processing, high throughput and less hands on time. Extraction of nucleic acids, often the first step in a molecular biology workflow, can easily be automated by using magnetic bead-based kits on the CleanXtract 96.

This instrument combines the simplicity of a single-tube extraction procedure which are compatible with a wide range of magnetic bead-based kits (both from CleanNA and other manufacturers). This versatile open-box platform allows for high recovery and purity from nearly any starting sample type. Common sample types include blood, animal tissue, plant tissue, and cultured cells.

The simple programs can process samples simultaneously — and in a matter of minutes. The protocol basics are: i) lyse cells, ii) bind DNA/RNA to beads, iii) wash away contaminants, iv) elute pure DNA or RNA. Each of these steps occurs in 96 deep-well plates with mixing, binding, releasing, and even incubation temperature fully automated. No step during this process requires centrifugation or liquid handling — greatly reducing the need for preventative maintenance and service contracts. The CleanXtract 96 is made to run for years of uninterrupted sample preparation.

The CleanXract 96 is designed for working with SBS standard 96-deepwell plates that conform to SLAS (Society of Laboratory Automation and Screening) dimensional requirements . It is a common choice for testing labs that require higher throughput levels, but don’t want to sacrifice on the quality of the extracted nucleic acids.

With a large 10″ touch-screen interface, easy programming, and simple operation — this system delivers high-purity nucleic acid preparations for any lab.

Watch the ease to which CleanXtract purifies viral RNA
With a compact design the CleanXract 96 will fit on most lab benches and provides an intuitive interface that even a beginners will find easy to use. Click on the video below to watch a quick overview of how it works.

And the results are astounding!

Part Numbers CXT-I096
Sample throughput 1 to 96 samples
Processing volume 50-1000 ul
Purification uniformity between wells  CV <3%
Heating Positions 3 of 8 plate positions
Heating temperature control range Room temperature to 100℃
Mixing modes 3 modes = slow/mid/fast
Magnetic adsorption modes 3 modes = normal/segment/cycle
Disinfection Built-in UV lamp
Environment temperature range 10-40℃, 10-90% humidity
Interface 10-inch built-in touch screen
Reagents Magnetic bead kits
Computer requirements None
Data export method USB
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 350 watts
Weight 40 kg
Size 65 × 61 × 41 cm
Warranty 1 year parts and labor