FastGene DNA Ladders

Wide Ranging Size Ladders for DNA Gels

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The right ladder for every application
FastGene DNA ladders are conveniently formulated in three size ranges to accommodate a variety of uses.

The MWD50 Ladder is designed for accurate discrimination of small PCR products (under 500 bp) using 50 bp steps.

The MWD100 Ladder is the perfect size standard for everyday lab use. This ladder starts at 100 bp, therefore making it suitable for small PCR products, and it is segmented into 100 bp fragment sizes up to 1,000 bp, and ends with a 1,500 bp and a 3,000 bp step so that the sizes of small plasmids and medium-sized PCR products can be determined.

The MWD1P Ladder is the right choice for very large amplicons and most plasmids. This ladder starts at 100 bp and goes up to 10,000 bp. The increments start at 250 bp, and gradually increase step sizes from 500 bp to 1,000 bp and finally 2,000 bp.

With the FastGene DNA Markers, there’s plenty of DNA in each rung of the ladder so that visualization with ethidium bromide, or safer dyes (like Midori Green and RedSafe, both available from Bulldog Bio) is unmistakable. Each ladder mix includes a few reference fragments at higher concentration, so that orienting the ladder is intuitive and quick. Because the loading dye is already incorporated, simply load 5 µl into an agarose gel and you are ready to run.

A unique combination of PCR products and a number of proprietary plasmids were digested with appropriate restriction enzymes to yield the optimal number of fragments, creating ladders that are perfect to be used as molecular weight standards for agarose gel electrophoresis. They come ready-to-use, premixed with a loading dye.

Stable even at room temperature
All of our DNA ladders are extremely stable. Controlled testing indicate that the ladders are stable for at least 12 months at room temperature (4°C for the 50 bp ladder) — for long-term storage we recommend storing at -20°C.

Contents 500 µl of 50 bp DNA ladder 500 µl of 100 bp DNA ladder 500 µl of 1 kb DNA ladder
Size Range 50-1500 bp 100-3000 bp 100-10000 bp
Number of bands 17 12 13
Reference bands 3 (200, 500, 1200) 2 (500 & 1500) 2 (1000 & 3000)
Loading Dye Orange G Orange G & Xylencyanol FF Bromophenol blue & Xylene cyanol FF
Amount Loaded per Lane 5 µl 5 µl 5 µl
Volume 56 µg in 500 µl 50 µg in 500 µl 50 µg in 500 µl
Storage 12 months at 4°C
Long-term storage at -20°C
12 months at room temperature
Long-term storage at -20 ° C
12 months at room temperature
Long-term storage at -20 ° C