DNA-spin Plasmid Purification Kit

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The DNA-spin Plasmid DNA Purification Kit is a simple two-step process – break open walled cells and purify plasmid DNA. Based on the proven technology of optimized alkali lysis buffering system and silica membrane, this kit will isolate extremely pure plasmid DNA from bacteria. The kit also includes a neutralization buffering technique that is applied for gentle pH conditions during binding. This not only stabilizes the isolation and purification, but also efficiently removes chromosomal DNA and cell debris…particularly for plasmids larger than 30 Kb. Additionally, our novel “Lysis Viewer” is added to the reaction for a visual pH confirmation. Different colors indicate proper lysis and neutralization, so you can easily see the steps as they occur. The DNA-spin Plasmid DNA Purification Kit can be used for both high-copy and low-copy plasmids so it is perfect for all your small-scale plasmid purification needs (up to 35µg).

For even faster and more efficient plasmid purfication (about 10-minutes witha 20-30% yield increase) see our new Fast DNA-spin Plasmid Purificaiton Kits.

Plasmid DNA was extracted from 5 ml (OD600) of E. coli cultures containing 2.9 Kb, 6.5 Kb, 8 Kb, 12.5 Kb and 33.4 Kb plasmid DNA, respectively. Purification yield and purity were analyzed. 1 mL was analyed on Nano-drop ND-2000 UV/VIS.

200 Column Kit
Part Numbers 17098
Resuspension Buffer 55 mL
Lysis Buffer 55 mL
Neutralization Buffer 80 mL
Washing Buffer A 140 mL
Washing Buffer B 40 mL
Elution Buffer 20 mL
Spin Columns w/ cap 200 tubes
Collection Tubes 200 tubes
RNAase A, Lyophilized 35 mg
Lysis Viewer 220 µL
Storage Room Temperature
Shelf Life 2 Years