Electroporation Electrodes

For cells, tissue, muscle, embryos, and much more

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The most complete line of platinum and stainless steel electrodes
Over 150 designs address nearly every application in published literature. These master-made electrodes can be used for in vitro(e.g. cell culture lines, primary cells, and adherent cells), in vivo(e.g. mouse retina), in utero(e.g. mouse embryo), ex vivo(e.g. tissue explant), and in ovo(e.g. chick embryo) electroporation protocols. From our popular line of platinum tweezer electrodes to our novel 21-pin muscle electrode, we have the widest range of electrodes commercially available. Each is specifically designed with common plug connectors so that they work with all nearly all brands of electroporators. We can even make custom electrodes to your specifications! Please browse our extensive collection below (we even provide a PDF schematic for any given electrode to the right of each product). Contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for, and we’ll get you what you need!

See below for specific electrodes or click to see a complete list of data for suspension cells, adherent cells, or in vivo/in utero/in ovo/ex vivo electroporation applications (supplier website).


In Vitro Electroporation (suspension cells)

Adherent Cell Electroporation (not trypsinized)

In Vivo Zygote Electroporation

In Utero Embryo Electroporation

Skin and Muscle Electroporation

Tissue Explant Electroporation

Other Electrodes