Endo S PRIME-LY (EndoS, Endo-S)

Uniquely High Specificity for Cleaving N-linked Glycans

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Made for human antibodies
Endo S PRIME-LY is an endoglycosidase with a unique accuracy for cleaving the N-linked glycans from the chitobiose core of the heavy chain of native IgG molecules. Specifically, this endo-β-N-acetylglucosaminidase S hydrolyzes the β(1-4) linkage between the two core GlcNAcs of asparagine linked biantennary complex-type glycans of human IgG Fc regions. This enzyme will leave any human IgG with a single N-Acetylglucosamine, with or without an attached fucose molecule. This recombinant glycosidase is cloned from Streptococcus pyogenes, and is meticulously purified for maximum activity without contaminating bio-molecules or proteins.

Like other PRIME-LY glycosidases, Endo S PRIME-LY is lyophilized for stability during shipment and storage. Its performance is outstanding — able to produce clean peaks with very high yields (as detected by HPLC), and is commonly used in drug development or other research that is highly focused on the use of human antibodies. This endoglycosidase only deglycosylates IgG glycoforms and plays a central role in glycoengineering strategies for the development of IgG antibodies with improved therapeutic efficacy.

Part Numbers NZES050LY, NZES100LY
Target Asparagine-linked (N-linked) oligosaccharides (mannose, hybrid, and complex)
Compatibility This endoglycosidase only deglycosylates IgG glycoforms
Biological Source Recombinant, E. coli
Total Protocol Length 30-60 minutes
Typical Yield One unit of reconstituted Endo S PRIME-LY will catalyze the deglycosylation of 10 μg of IgG in 60 minutes at 37oC. One unit is equal to 1 IUB milliunit.
Concentration The standard Concentration is 200,000 Units/mL [1.0 mg/mL] after reconstituting in 100μL of dH20.
Reaction Buffer Included, 10x concentration
Purity ≥95% as determined by SDS PAGE
Compatible with Mass Spec Yes
Storage Supplied lyophilized and shipped at ambient temperature. Stored at room temperature upon arrival with desiccant.

Once reconstituted the enzyme is stable for 6 months and should be stored at temperatures ranging from +2 C to -20 C.

Shelf Life 1 year
Microbe Free Yes, lot tested