EtBr Destroyer Destaining Bags and Spray

Makes Ethidium Bromide Ready for Non-Toxic Disposal

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Neutralize toxic ethidium bromide

EtBr Destroyer is formulated to efficiently break down and clean up ethidium bromide (EtBr), resulting in only non-fluorescent, non-mutagenic, biproducts. Available in two convenient formats for the cleaning and treatment of both solid and liquid EtBr contaminants — it has also proven effective against SYBR Dyes. The ready-pack EtBr Destroyer destaining bags are ideal for the treatment of liquid solutions or agarose gels that contain EtBr. On the other hand, for contact contamination issues, the EtBr Destroyer Spray can be used for the treatment of solid materials that have been exposed to EtBr including electrophoresis gel boxes, glassware, paper towels, gloves, laboratory equipment, bench surfaces, and much more.

EtBr Destroyer Sprayer bottles can be refilled after use to help lower usage costs and minimize waste. The EtBr Destroyer destaining bags are available in 10-, 20-, and 50-pack options. These Bags are super-sized for treatment of up to 30 mg of ethidium bromide — making it a much more cost effective option than competing brands. In comparison to the costs associated with properly disposing of hazardous materials the EtBr Destroyer products save your lab money in the long run.

Not all bags are created equal!
Only EtBr Destroyer destaining bags can treat up to 30 mg of ethidium bromide each. This makes our bags both more effective and less expensive to use. Many other brands have smaller bags with less effective neutralizing agent … so don’t rely only on bag count. Instead look carefully as to how much ethidium bromide a bag can effectively treat. We think you’ll agree that EtBR Destroyer makes the most economical sense.

Whether your lab uses the EtBr Destroyer Bags or the convenient EtBr Spray, ethidium bromide contamination can be eliminated. Here’s an example of how treatment affects a common DNA gel. In the case below a 100bp DNA Marker is run on a 1.2% agarose gel and soaked in 10ug/ml EtBr solution for 10 minutes. Afterward it is treated for 1 hour in the following ways:

Part Numbers AEDB10, AEDB20, AEDB50, AEDS2210, AEDS1000, AEDM521
Contents: Bag Version Pack of 10, 20, or 50 bags
Contents: Bottle Version Pack of 2 x 200 ml bottles or 1-liter bottle
Bag Capacity 30mg EtBr per bag
Bag Effective Time Up to 6 months
Effective against Ethidium Bromide (EtBr)
SYBR Green
SYPRO Orange
Storage Room temp