FastGene 2D Barcode Inserts for FastGene Screw Cap Tubes

Inserts with barcode for screw cap tubes

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Easy Tracking
The FastGene 2-D Barcode Inserts are now available separately as uniquely-coded, insertable tabs! They are ultra-easy to attach to the bottom of a screw-cap tube and once they are inserted, they are firmly embedded and not removable.

  • 2D Barcode inserts for 0.5 and 2 mL FastGene Screw Cap Tubes
  • 500 inserts per package
  • Separate and unremovable once attached

Perfect Design – Japanese Precision
The FastGene Screw Cap Tubes were designed to accomodated different volumes. The large tubes are able to store 2 mL, while the small tubes can handle a volume of 0.5 mL.

Both versions of the FastGene Screw Cap Tubes have a perfect convex inlay that enables FastGene 2-D barcode insert to be introduced. The barcode insert has a diameter of 0.88 cm.

FastGene 2D Bar Code Inserts for Screw Cap Tubes

FastGene 0.5 Screw Cap Tubes

FastGene 2.0 Screw Cap Tubes

Part Numbers FG-SCR-2D
Quantity 500 pieces
Diameter 0.88 cm