FastGene Agarose

for DNA & RNA Electrophoresis Gels

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Strong and flexible like an Olympic gymnast
FastGene Agarose is a molecular-biology-grade reagent specifically developed for the rapid separation of DNA fragments, such as PCR products and plasmid DNA, as well as RNA fragments. The high purity leads to excellent transparency and the lowest background. Quality control testing ensures that each lot does not contain trace DNases or RNases and that there is no detectable background fluorescence when stained with ethidium bromide. This level of quality is important to obtain sharp and well defined nucleic acid bands with the ultimate sensitivity in the low molecular weight range.

The high gel-strength of this agarose makes it a perfect choice for gels with concentrations from 0.75% to 2.00%. Blotting experiments will run without a rip or tear. And separation efficiency from 25 bp to 23 kb is guaranteed. Every batch of this agarose is tested with different sized DNA fragments so your lab can be confident every time they use FastGene Agarose.

Fig. 1.: Comparison of three differetn agaroses in regard to resolution of small fragments: 52 x 60 mm gels, 4% agarose; 100V 20 min.; 1x TAE buffer

Better agarose provides better gel images

The detection of small nucleic acid fragments is only possible with high quality agarose. Two gels were prepared using either FastGene Agarose or an inexpensive agarose from competitor C. The DNA ladder bands were separated and stained with Midori Green Direct for both gels under identical conditions. You can see that all seven bands of the ladder are visible when using FastGene Agarose (highlighted in the green box). When comparing the green box to the red box, competitor C‘s agarose does not show the lowest three bands.

Part Numbers AG01, AG02
Ash Content ≤ 0.45 %
Sulphate ≤ 0.1 %
Clarity ≤ 4 NTU
Gel Strength ≥ 1000 g/cm2 (1 %); ≥ 2200 g/cm2 (1.5 %)
Gelling Temperature 36 ± 1.5 °C
Melting Temperature 88 ± 1.5 °C
DNase/RNase Tested, NEGATIVE