FastGene Filter Tip Racks

Empty Reusable Filter Tip Boxes

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Can be reused and autoclaved at least 100 times!
FastGene Filter Tip Racks have been developed as environmentally friendly and convenient refill boxes for FastGene Filter Tips Refill Plates.  The racks are supplied as empty boxes but FastGene Filter Tips Refill Plates can be ordered separately.

FastGene Filter Tip Rack with filter tips refill plate shown above.  FastGene Filter Tips Refill Plates are separately available and not included with the rack.

6 reasons to use FastGene Filter Tip Racks

  • Reusability | With FastGene Filter Tips Refill Plates
  • Sustanability | Reduce waste!
  • Simplify lab organization | 6 different clip colors
  • For all filter tip volumes| 2 different rack sizes
  • Improved handling | Easy one-hand opening
  • Maximum stability | Non-slip rubber feet

Mix and match
FastGene Filter Tip Racks are available in 2 different sizes (S and M) and with 6 different colored closure clips (blue, violet, yellow, pink, grey and green).

Rack size S – Recommended filter tip volumes: 10 µL long/short, 20 µL, 100 µL, 200 µL
Rack size M – Recommended filter tip volume: 1000 µL