FastGene Filter Tips – Full Boxes and Refill Plates

Pipette Filter Tips (10−1000 µL)

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  • Equipped with an anti-aerosol filters
  • Compatible with many pipettes
  • Highest quality control
  • Easy-to-use and ecological refill system
  • Compatible with environmentally friendly and convenient reusable refill FastGene Filter Tip Racks

Paper refill system
The FastGene Paper Refills offer a major ecological improvement when compared to standard refill systems.  Instead of using an entire plastic surround, the tip rack is held in a rigid paper frame.   The packaging is so secure that no pipette tips have ever been damaged during transport or storage. Additionally, the ecological footprint of this refill system is much less when compared to a complete filter tip box or other refill systems in plastic holders.

Japanese quality
All our filter tips are made in Japan where quality control is one of the highest priorities. This ensures that our tips are free of faults, such as misplacement of the filter, broken tips, missing tips, etc.. All of our tips are free of RNase, DNase, genomic DNA and proteins.

Filter protection
All of our tips are equipped with an anti-aerosol filter to avoid ross-contamination between samples.

Precision at low and high volumes
The FastGene Filter Tips come in four different versions for use at all volumes:

1) FastGene Filter Tips 10 µL short: Ideal for taking minimal volumes out of 96-well plates or 0.2 ml PCR Tubes. The smaller size guarantees easier handling in such small wells.
2) FastGene Filter Tips 10 µL long: Very useful to avoid contamination of the pipette with samples stored in larger tubes.
3) FastGene Filter Tips 20 µL: The best option for larger volumes with a small tip.
4) FastGene Filter Tips  200 µL and 1000 µL  for larger volumes

Best volume control
All FastGene  Filter Tips are transparent, so that you can always control the liquid inside the pipette. For even easier observation of the volume aspirated, the smallest and the largest FastGene Filter Tips (10 µL (short and long) and 1000 µL) come with volume marks.

No DNA adsorption
FastGene Filter Tips are made of tested polypropylene plastic. There is no DNA adsorption of the plastic and therefore, no concentration fluctuations will occur.

If you cannot find your pipette in the list above, please contact us!

FastGene Filter Tip Refills

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