FastGene GelPic LED Imaging System

First Portable Gel Documentation System

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Image nucleic acids and proteins
The FastGene GelPic LED System is the most compact gel documentation system on the market. Ideally suited for tight spaces on a bench-top, the system both illuminates and captures an image of your gel or blot. This GelPic system comes equipped with three different illumination modes.

The first, an array of blue LEDs (470nm) situated around the periphery of the glass platen provide excitation light for green–emitting fluorescence dyes. This optimal “transillumination” configuration minimizes ambient background for the most sensitive imaging with non-carcinogenic dyes like Midori Green, or other green dyes such as Sybr Green. These blue LEDs are a much safer technology than old-style UV transilluminators because the LEDs are just as sensitive as UV light but they don’t damage DNA in an agarose gel and they won’t harm your skin or your eyes.

The second illumination mode utilizes an innovative white LED – shining uniform backlight for transparent media such as Coomassie-stained protein polyacrylamide gels. This diffuser technology eliminates “hot spots” due to point illumination and provides maximum clarity for colorimetric-stained gels. The last mode uses white LED epi-illumination for lighting directly onto opaque surfaces such as a Western blot and similar highly reflective materials.

No matter the illumination mode, the GelPic system captures images with a high-end, scientific grade, 9 mega-pixel CMOS camera for maximum separation of color and resolution of bands. These images can be saved to a SD card or you can attach an optional Mitsubishi black and white thermo printer directly to the system for quick print outs.

Get your DNA the easy way
With the Fastgene GelPic LED Box and Midori Green Stain it becomes extremely simple to excise your DNA fragment out of gels. You don’t need to wear protective eyewear, or worry about mutagenic dyes. Switch on the blue LEDs and excise your DNA fragment with our Fastgene Agarose Gel Band Cutter. Fast, precise and totally safe, it’s the 21st century way of working with DNA.

Blue LED for DNA and RNA gels

Midori Green Advance –stained DNA gel (using Blue LED light) imaged in gray scale (left) and color (right) modes.

White LED for protein gels, Western blots and petri dishes

Coomassie Blue Gel using white backlit LEDs (left), colormetric Western Blot Image using epi-white LEDs (middle), and a petri dish image using backlit LEDs (right).

Seamlessly stream data to a mobile device
With the included PQI Air Card, you can now bypass the computer and directly transfer your GelPic images right to your IOS or Android mobile device. Just insert the PQI Air Card into the SD slot, download the app, and consider the job done! Of course, if you prefer, you can also use the included USB cable to connect directly to a computer (Mac or PC).

Applications DNA/RNA – Green fluorescent dyes only. No EtBr.

Protein – Coomassie based stains, ext.

Western blots – Colormetric and green fluorescent stains only. No Chemiluminescence.

Petri-Dish documetation – blue/white colonies, ext.

Part Numbers NGFG07
Wavelength 470nm Blue LED ( for green dyes)

White LED (Epi and Backlit)

Wavelength 470nm Blue LED ( for green dyes)

White LED (Epi and Backlit)

Wavelength 470nm Blue LED ( for green dyes)

White LED (Epi and Backlit)

Emission Filters 520nm amber filter (Blue LEDs)

Clear filter (White LEDs)

Filter Wheel 2-position, manual
LED Lifetime 50,000 hours
Sensor color CMOS sensor
Size 198 x 227 x 254 mm (LxWxH)
Viewing Area 160 x 115 mm, fixed lens
Image Type JPEG (compressed, ~1MB)

BW, reverse BW, color and reverse color

Image Storage SD Card
Interface 2.7″ LCD Touch-screen (stand alone)
Connect to Computer Yes. USB cable included or use PQI Card (WiFi) for mobile devices
Remote PC Control No
Connect to Printer Yes. Included BNC cable (thermal printer) or using USB (to computer only)
Connect to External Monitor Yes. Included RCA cable
Weight 3.2 kg
Power AC adaptor, 12V/1.5A, 18W
Warranty 1 year