FastGene MagnaStands

Adjustable Side Position Magnets

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No more carry-over effects
Magnetic beads have long been used to isolate nucleic acids as well as recombinant proteins. With current designs of magnetic stands, these purifications can be problematic, often with carry over contaminants when the pellet is disturbed or when the supernatant is not completely removed.


The FastGene MagnaStand solves both issues. By securing a pellet (with neodymium magnets) on the side of the tube walls rather than at the bottom, the MagnaStand allows complete removal of the supernatant without touching the pellet. Additionally, with the MagnaStand 1.5, the vertical position is adjustable allowing the magnets to be precisely placed on the tube according to volume used in the purification. Leaders in NGS are recommending the MagnaStand for use with their products!

Number of posiitons 8 96
Consumable Type 1.5 ml tubes 0.2 ml tubes or 8-strips Full-, Semi-, and Non-skirted (with adapter) 96 well plates
Adjustable Magnet Position Horizontally
Horizontally Horizontally
Magnet Type Neodymium
Magnet Strength N40