FastGene NanoSpec Photometer

Versatile Microvolume Spectrophotometer Analysis

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Made for every molecular biology lab
The FastGene NanoSpec Photometer is a compact microvolume UV-Vis spectrophotometer which enables fast and easy quantification and analysis of nucleic acids and proteins by UV-Vis absorption spectrophotometry. The ability to measure a wide concentration range for a given sample is enabled by integrating a 1 µL microvolume-measuring mode and a larger volume cuvette-measuring mode.   Utilizing a rugged xenon light source, the NanoSpec can quickly scan a sample’s absorbance spectrum from 190 nm to 850 nm wavelength. The 7″ full color touchscreen interface is easy to use even without a user manual.

Full spectral analysis

The FastGene NanoSpec measures the widest absorption spectrum from the UV range to  far into the visible range (190 nm–850 nm) in seconds by using an array type spectrophotometer technology with Xenon lamp and a senistive CMOS sensor (2048 pixels).

The 20 pre-programmed default measurement modes cover most so that no adjustment is needed.  But customization is possible for those needing something special.

  • Nucleic acids: dsDNA | ssDNA | RNA | miRNA |
  • Protein UV: BSA | SA | IgB | IgE Human | Lysozyme | OD1 | Mol. Ect. Coeff. | Ext. Coeff.
  • Protein assay: Bradford | Biuret Assay | BCA Assay | Lowry Assay
  • More: Kinetics | OD600 | Photometric | Spectrum | ABS Ratio | Concentration | Quantification

Introduction video FastGene NanoSpec and FastGene NanoView Photometers

Photometric system Microvolume spectrophotometer
Part# FG-NP01
Footprint 21.6 cm W x  29 cm D
Wavelength range 190 – 850 nm
Detector CMOS linear image sensor (2048 pixels)
Light Source Xenon flash lamp
Measurement time < 8 seconds
Spectral bandwidth 1.0 nm (FWHM at Hg 253.7 nm)
Wavelength display (setting) 1 nm
Wavelength accuracy ± 1 nm
Absorbance precision 0.002 A (0.5 mm path) or 1%
Absorbance accuracy 3% (at 0.97A at 302 nm)
Software compatibility Windows 7 and 10
CPU Octa Core ARM CortexTM-A53 Processor
Storage 32 GB internal storage
Connectivity  4x USB ports, Ethernet, and RS-232
Display Touch-screen 7-inch, 1280 x 800 HD color display
Minimum sample volume 1 µL
Detection limit (microvolume) 2 ng/μL (dsDNA), 0.06 mg/mL (BSA), 0.003 mg/mL (IgG)
Detection limit (cuvette) 0.2 ng/μL (dsDNA), 0.006 mg/mL (BSA), 0.0003 mg/mL (IgG)
Weight 3 kg
Power 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Warranty 1 year