FastGene PAGE Precast Gels

8 x 10 cm bis-tris gels with long-stability

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An easy way to level up your PAGE performance
Pouring gels for protein separation is time consuming and prone to error. FastGene Precast Protein Gels are a great alternative, allowing you to immediately run gels without the hassle of hand-pouring gels. FastGene Precast PAGE Gels offer the great combination of high performance and reliable results. Due to the proprietary gel casting method, which is more uniform than self-casting, observable protein separation have highly reproducible banding patterns. These gels are made with a unique buffer formulation (that maintains a low operating pH during electrophoresis) that all but eliminates both the “gel smile” effect as well as poorly-resolved bands that are commonly observed with other gel types. FastGene gels deliver on the promise of crisp sharp bands across a single gel or between gels whether run 10 minutes or 10 weeks apart.

Cast in a neutral pH environment, the hydrolysis of polyacrylamide is reduced, resulting in increased gel stability and longer storage — up to 12 months in the refrigerator. And don’t be surprised to detect even the faintest protein bands, in part thanks to the (wedge-shaped) loading wells that allow up to 3x the loading volume of protein sample as compared with similar size gels (up to 60 µL).

Gels that offer flexibility and compatibility
FastGene Precast Protein Gels are available in a variety of homogenous and gradient gels. They are formulated for denaturing as well as native gel electrophoresis – depending only on the  type of running buffer that is used, and are most commonly used with MOPS or MES running buffers. The gels are compatible with common protein electrophoresis gel tanks such as those from Bio-Rad and Hoefer (see the FAQ webpage for details of exact model types), and of course is recommended for our own FastGene PAGE System (PG01).

Part Numbers PGS012, PGS412, PGS420, PGS816
Contents 10 bis-tris polyacrylamide gels
Gel Size 10 cm x 8 cm
Gel Thickness 1 mm
Number of Lanes 12 lanes
Maximum Load Volume 60 µl
Compatible Buffers MOPS or MES
Gel Types 12% Homogeneous
4-12% Gradient
4-20% Gradient
8 – 16% Gradient
Storage 4°C for one year