FastGene PAGE Protein Gel System

Everything you need to run protein gels


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Simple, reliable, and complete
The FastGene PAGE Protein Gel System contains all the necessary equipment and accessories you need for most of the common Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis methods run in labs today.  The centerpiece to this set is the electrophoresis tank. Able to hold up to 4 mini-gels simultaneously, this tank is designed to be: i) easy to assemble, ii) leak-proof, and iii) provide beautiful protein bands. All of the components in this system are made in Japan to the highest levels of quality – and with over a dozen accessories no detail is forgotten.

Broad gel compatibility provides flexibility and value
The FastGene PAGE Protein Gel System is compatible with a wide range of pre-cast gels (e.g., our own high-sample-volume FastGene® gels, Bio-Rad TGX™ gels or ThermoFisher mini gels).  Of course, it will run hand-cast gels – and the casting components for a 10 cm x 8 cm gels are include in the PAGE Protein System Set (for casting 1 mm thick gels).

Your lab can use precast PAGE gels from different sources. In fact, three different U-sealing strips are included in the FastGene PAGE Protein System to guarantee no buffer leakage:

  • U sealing strip long, for 10 cm x 10 cm gels (e.g., ThermoFisher mini gels)
  • U sealing strip short, for 10 cm x 8 cm gels (Bio-Rad TGX™ gels)
  • U sealing strip FastGene, for 10 cm x 8 cm gels (FastGene®gels and hand-cast gels)

The FastGene PAGE Protein System is simple to setup. Plastic dummy cassettes are included for easy use with 1−4 gels. The system also includes a hand-cast set for casting 1 mm thick gels. The set allows easiest gel hand-casting without leaking! When other gel-thickness are needed, 0.75 mm (PG02) and 1.5 mm (PG03) gel casting sets are separately available.

But how does it compare to my Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN?

The FastGene PAGE Protein Gel System works like the Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN Tetra but users tell us it’s easier to put together and take apart. Better yet, if you already own one, many of the FastGene core components can be used as replacement parts for this system — much of the time at a fraction the price. See chart below for details.

FastGene® PG01
Bio-Rad #1658001EDU
U sealing strip short for Biorad TGX gels
Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Electrode Assembly (#1658037EDU)
Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Companion Running Module
U sealing strip FastGene
Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Electrode Assembly (#1658037EDU)
Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Companion Running Module
Plastic dummy cassette short
Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Electrode Assembly (#1658037EDU)
Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Companion Running Module
Gel/Blot chamber lid with electrodes


Buffer Tank
Glass plates short


Gel casting frame
Comb 1.0mm 10 wells/15 wells
(part of PG10)
Glass plates short + long (1mm)

SDS-PAGE — still one of the best methods!
Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (PAGE) separates a mixture of different proteins in an electric field. During PAGE, proteins migrate through a gel matrix based upon size and charge. Smaller proteins travel faster through the gel than larger proteins, and highly negative or positively charged proteins adjust the speeds accordingly, leading to a size-charge dependent separation. The most popular form of PAGE is SDS-PAGE developed by Ulrich K. Laemmli in 1970’s. The detergent sodium dodecyl sulfate is added for PAGE sample preparation and is also part of the buffer composition. Heat treatment with the harsh detergent leads to full protein denaturation and unfolding. SDS binds to hydrophobic parts of the unfolded protein and masks the intrinsic charge of the protein with an overwhelmingly negative charge based upon the length of the amino acid chain. As a consequence, SDS-protein complexes migration is predominantly dependent on the size of the protein, allowing an estimation of its molecular weight.

FastGene PAGE Protein Complete System

FastGene PAGE Protein System Accessories & Replacement Parts

FastGene Precast PAGE Protein Gels

Part Numbers PG01
Number of Gels 4
Integrated Power Supply No
Includes Inner electrophoresis chamber with electrodes

Inner electrophoresis chamber without electrodes

U sealing strip long for 10 x 10 cm gels (qty =4)

U sealing strip short for Bio-Rad TGX™ gels (qyt=4)

U sealing strip FastGene (qty=4)

Plastic dummy cassette short

Plastic dummy cassette long

FastGene Gel/Blot Chamber Lid with Electrodes

FastGene Gel/Blot Chamber Tank

Gel hand-casting set – 1 mm gel thickness (5 x 10-well combs, 5 x 15-well combs, short and long spacers, casting bases, clips, gaskets)

Gel shovel

Glass plate holder

Tube holder