FastGene Plate Centrifuge

No-Spill Spinning for 96 or 384-well Plates

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No more carry-over contamination
Centrifuging 96 and 384-well plates can be surprisingly tricky if your lab is performing high-throughput assays for applications such as PCR, qPCR, or ELISA. This is particularly true for NGS work with minimal reaction volumes. It is a priority to have the entire reaction volume present in the bottom of the wells and to eliminate the chance of cross-contamination with other wells. Droplets or condensation on the sides of the wells, for example, can cause assay failure due to inadequate volumes or separation of reaction components from the reaction mixture. Worse yet, liquid forced out of wells during centrifugation and into other wells causes an immediate contamination issue. A reliable and properly-designed plate-centrifugation should therefore be a part of every GLP-protocol.

The FastGene Plate Centrifuge is designed with these issues in mind. It loaded at a 70° angle, and when it spins the plates achieve a perfect 90° angle. These unique spinning parameters keep the liquid in each well far away from the seal with no way to contaminate other wells. The pellets are firmly placed dead-center at the bottom of each well. This precise pellet placement is ideal for finicky NGS applications so that liquid handling tips can be adjusted to not perturb the pellet.

This FastGene Plate Centrifuge is the most convenient, silent, and easy-to-use centrifuge for spinning down liquids in 96 and 384-well-plates. With its compact size and light weight, it easily fits onto a crowded lab bench. The simplicity of the system guarantees a quick learning curve, and the “quick-spin” gets your plates in and out in a snap! It’s more reliable than other systems, too; by setting the time (up to 10 minutes) on the illuminated display, you can get more reproducible results than common and simple plate centrifuges. There are also plenty of built-in features to guarantee safe and economical use in any lab setting.

Part Numbers NG040
Number of plates or tubes 2 x 96 well plates


2 x 384-well plates


or individual & strip-tubes (0.2ml)

Plate Type full-skirt, semi-skirt, or non-skirt
Centrifugal Force 480 x g
Plate Loading Angle 70°
Centrifugation Angle 90°
Speed 2200 rpm
Size 290 x 360 x 140 mm
Power 110 V, 50-60 Hz
Weight 1.3 kg